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Romark Industries, Inc. is a supplier of custom steel and stainless steel sand castings, investment castings, closed-die forgings, forged rings and forged shafts.

Founded in 1979, we have specialized in global sourcing of OEM metal parts since 1999 to customers in Europe, South America, Australia and North America. All our global suppliers are ISO certified and quality checked. We offer a wide range of metal parts including investment castings, sand castings, closed die forgings, forged rings to 14ft diameter, and shafts to 40 ft long. Machining is offered on all parts, and inspection and testing available includes Ultrasonic, X-ray, Magnetic particle inspection and others.

GIVE US A CALL! Send your RFQ for any part; forged, cast, or machined. We assure fast quotations, and good parts delivered on-time.

Romark Industries, Inc.